Thiruvanchikulam Mahadev Temple in Kodungallur

Kodungallur is famous for lot of things like churches, temples, ancient monuments. The city is an excellent tourist place which has famous religious places, ancient temples, delightful rituals and festivals which provoke the people to visit the town and check out all the beautiful places out there.

Thiruvanchikulam Mahadev Temple in Kodungallur

Thiruvanchikulam Mahadev Temple is situated in the most peaceful place of Thrissur called Kodungallur which is about 30 kms away from Thrissur and also known by the name of Mahadev Temple. The entrance gate of this temple is beautifully carved with structures of gods and goddesses and elephants. The right side of the temple has a stone carving of Parvati whereas on the left side there is a carving of Lord Shiva. The rest of the walls of the temple along with the porch have carvings of the Hindu epic Ramayana. This temple is around 2000 years old and is renowned for its architecture and design. There is also a sleeping quarter of Lord Shiva and Parvati near the Palliyara.

This temple is protected by the Archaeological Survey. It’s one of the oldest temples of Lord Shiva and it’s said that the God used to live in this temple along with his family. The temple also maintains good relations with Chidambaram Temple situated in Tamil Nadu. The temple was damaged and attacked by Tipu Sultan, and precious things like roofs made of copper, gold and other jewellery were robbed by him. Then the temple was rebuilt by Perupadappu Swaroopam, the Palliath Achan of Kochi city.

History of Thiruvanchikulam Mahadev Temple

There was a saint poet named Sundaramoorthy Nayanar who use to sing at Chidambaram, he was once persuaded and invited by the ruler of Chera empire, Cheraman Perumal, to visit Thiruvanchikulam. It is said and known that when he started singing there the sound of the Lord dancing could be heard within that premises. Both of these Sundaramoorthy and Cheraman were very close friends and use to worship Lord Shiva with full devotion.

There is yet another story of a Brahmin who took Vasuki, (guard to Lord Shiva and Parvathi) to his home tied in a palm leaf and use to regularly worship that with the blessings of Shiva and Parvathi. This Brahmin family became rich later and famed a snake serving called Mana which is 6 kms from this Mahadev Temple. It’s very known and famous for serpent gods. People from all over Kerala and other countries visit here to worship the serpents.

Festivals at Thiruvanchikulam Mahadev Temple

Shivaratri is the main festival at Mahadev Temple which is celebrated in the month of February – March, the Malyalam month of Kumbham. The festival is celebrated on a large scale and with great pomp and show. Devotees from all over the world come here to pray in evening before the temple closes for their happy life and to stay blessed forever. Anayottam is another sub part of the festival.


You can visit the temple on all days of the week from 5:00 am - 11:00 am and 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. It takes around an hour to see the temple completely.

How to Reach Thiruvanchikulam Mahadev Temple

Airport: The Cochin international airport is the nearest airport to the Mahadev temple and is about 30 kms away from the temple.

Railway: Irinjalakuda is the nearest temple to the Mahadev temple and is only 13 Kms away from the temple.

Where to stay

The River Retreat
Palace Road
Thrissur 679531, India
0.5 km from Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple

Hotel Luciya Palace
Marar Road,
Thrissur 680001, India
0.6 km from Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple

Love Shore Inn
Opp.Railway Station
Poothole, Thrissur, India
0.7 km from Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple

Hotel Peninsula
M. G. Road,
Thrissur 680001, India
1.1 km from Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple

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